Explore the natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands in a new land-based way

Our Exploration Packages are designed for adventure, variety and comfort.
They all include land excursions, private yacht navigations and snorkeling activities.

Exploration Packages

Exploration Packages

Exploration Packages Rates 2019/2020

Rates per person based on double occupancy in USD$

3 Night 4 Night 5 Night 6 Night 7 Night
King-size Bed or Double Queen-size Beds
4,680 6,240 7,800 9,360 10,920
King-size Bed or Double Queen-size Beds
4,755 6,340 7,925 9,510 11,095
King-size Bed
5,220 6,960 8,700 10,440 12,180
King-size Bed
5,535 7,380 9,225 11,070 12,915

Taxes and 10% service charge included.

Rates per person based in single occupancy in USD$

3 Night 4 Night 5 Night 6 Night 7 Night
King-size Bed or Double Queen-size Beds
7,000 9,360 11,700 14,040 16,380
King-size Bed or Double Queen-size Beds
7,130 9,510 11,890 14,265 16,640
King-size Bed
7,830 10,440 13,050 15,660 18,270
King-size Bed
8,300 11,070 13,840 16,605 19,370

Taxes and 10% service charge included.

High season and festive dates

High Season

Presidents Day Week: 14-21 February 2020 (10% surcharge)
Spring Break: 9-29 March 2020 (10% surcharge)


Christmas: 21-28 December 2020 (Packages of 7 nights minimum + 20% surcharge)
New Years: 28 December 2020 - 4 January 2021 (Packages of 7 nights minimum + 20% surcharge)

*Nightly rates don't apply.

Room Only - Nightly rates 2019/2020 in USD$

  Includes breakfast for two
King-size Bed or Double Queen Beds
King-size Bed or Double Queen Beds
King-size Bed
King-size Bed

Taxes and 10% service charge included.

Check-in: 12 PM. Check-out: 10 AM.

Exploration Packages include

  • VIP Lounge at Seymour Airport (Bartra Island), at arrival and departure
  • Transport to and from the airport in the islands
  • Room Accommodation
  • All guided English and Spanish land and marine exploration programs onboard M/Y Pikaia I, M/B Pikaia II and Lodge, according to schedule and subject to availability. Exploration programs are non transferable, non-refundable
  • The use of sport equipment, such as wet suits, snorkeling equipment, mountain bikes and helmets
  • Full board with meals** served at the Lodge, onboard M/Y Pikaia I, or as picnic lunch on the M/B Pikaia II, according to exploration activities
  • House wine and local bottle beer
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in the Lodge and in the Yachts during meals
  • Access to our in-house library

Exploration Packages Exclude

  • Transport to and from the Galapagos Islands
  • International departure airport taxes (if not included in the airfare)
  • Galapagos National Park fees, such as:
    • Galapagos National Park taxes USD$ 100.00* per adult / USD$ 50.00* per child
    • Galapagos Visitors Transit Card USD$ 20.00*
  • In-room service charges
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Spa treatments
  • Laundry services
  • Telephone calls and fax
  • Boutique and spa boutique items
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Optional additional activities
  • Additional private tours or transport services

*Subject to change without prior notice, currently charged one time per visit


Terms & Conditions

Payment Policy, Cancellations and Penalties

All reservations require deposit and are subject to payment schedule and cancellation penalties, according to the following tables:


More than 61 days
91 to 61 60 to 26 25
Reservation Deposit Amount 10% of rate
Max 10 days after booking quotation is issued
100% rate
Cancellation and Penalties Taxes and handling fees will be charged* 10% of rate* 50% of rate* 100% of rate*

*All financial returns are subject to government taxes and handling fees. These charges may add up to 20%.

Special Conditions

During festive dates, buy outs and groups of 8+ guests

More than 121 days
241 to 121 120 to 91 90
Reservation Deposit Amount 25% of rate
Max 5 days after booking quotation is issued
100% rate
Cancellation and Penalties Taxes and handling fees will be charged* 25% of rate* 50% of rate* 100% of rate*
  • Special condition terms will apply to chartered bookings, half buy-outs and full buy-outs.
  • Special rates will apply for festive season (President´s Day, Spring Break, Christmas and New Years)
  • All excursions and transfers are arranged on a shared basis. Private excursions should be requested in advanced and quoted as additional services.
  • Explorations capacity: M/Y Pikaia I: 16 guests, M/B Pikaia II: 6 guests.
  • Cabin allocation aboard M/Y Pikaia I, will be determined by room category purchased at the lodge.
  • All reservations have a “tentative” status until receipt of the required payment. Once the deposit or total payment is received, the reservation(s) will be changed to a “confirmed” status.
  • In addition to our cancellation penalties, all financial returns are subject to government taxes and handling fees. These charges may add up to 15%.
  • The payee will settle any bank fees and other charges incurred in the payment process.
  • Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) does not accept changes to the reservation dates.
  • Reservations and excursions are non-transferable. Pikaia lodge (Galapacific S.A.) does not accept name changes to confirmed bookings.
  • In the event that a change to the reservation is made by the guest(s), we will consider it a new reservation and it will be subject to all the applicable penalties. Cancellation Refunds (if any) are subject to transfer charges such as: credit card commission, exchange rate and bank transfer fee.
  • We strongly advise our guests to take vacations cancellation insurance with their local insurance company. If a tour company does not send the total payment to our office or our bank account on the dates and conditions specified by our reservations and cancellation policy, Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) is entitled to cancel the reservation, and will not be held responsible for the cancellation towards the guest.
  • Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) reserves the right to cancel a reservation prior to departure for any reason whatsoever, including logistical problems that may impede trip operations. The refund of all payments received shall release the Lodge from any further liability.
  • If a trip is cancelled due to acts of God, war, labor, strikes, volcanic eruption, earthquake, flooding, tropical storms, etc., Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) will promptly refund the portion of the excursion cost not already advanced to suppliers and use its best efforts to recover and refund the balance as promptly as possible. However, Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) does not guarantee recovery of any or all of the advanced payments made, and our use of best efforts to recover these payments will not include the institution and/or cost of any legal proceedings.
  • Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) will not be subject to refunds for proportions of the stay missed due to delayed or cancelled flights prior or during the journey to the lodge.
  • Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) is not responsible for expenses incurred by trip members in preparing for a cancelled trip (e.g., non-refundable advance purchase air tickets, visa fees, equipment, etc.) or any additional arrangements should the trip member have embarked prior to the scheduled departure date.
  • Exploration Packages include a specific itinerary. If the guest is interested in an optional additional activity it is highly recommended to plan such activities in advance. Additional activities are subject to availability.
  • Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) will accept no liability for any additional charges made by private airplane companies or Ecogal (Airport) for acquiring their services.
  • Check in: 2:00 p.m. / Check out: 12 p.m.

Child Policy

Children are welcome at Pikaia Lodge. Guests under 16 years old are considered as children (guests who turn 16 at the time of arrival will be charged as an adult).

However, we highly discourage bookings for children under 8 years old, as the tours and explorations offered in the Galapagos Islands could be exhausting for young children.

For this reason, guests traveling with children below the age of 8 years old should hire private services in order to adapt the trip to the needs of the family, without having to make changes that could affect other guests.

Please ask the reservation department for more information.

Accommodation & Logistics:

  • A child can be accommodated on a roll out bed in the parents’ room if they are 16 years of age and under.
  • A maximum of two adults and one child sharing per room is allowed.
  • In the case that a child is preferred to be accommodated in a separate room, full adult rates will apply.
  • Children under 13 years of age are not permitted to stay alone in their own room.
  • Parents with two children under twelve years of age will be roomed as follows: one parent and one child per room.
  • An adult must accompany children during all explorations and activities.
  • Pikaia Lodge does not provide any stroller or car safety equipment for guests with children.
  • Full rate is charged for children taking part in any additional activities.

Payments of Galapagos National Park Fee & Transit Card

The Galapagos National Park Transit Card (US $20.00 per person*) is to be paid in cash by the guest at the airport in Quito or Guayaquil before flying to the Galapagos. Without this, the guest will not be allowed to check in for the flight.

The Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee (US $100.00 per adult / US $50 per children under 12 years old*) is to be paid in cash by the guest upon arrival at the airport in the Galapagos.

* Subject to change without prior notice.

Tipping & Gratuities

The Pikaia’s staff works very hard to make your stay and experience a memorable one. Package rates do not include tipping and gratuities.

In the Lodge

Hotel staff benefit from the 10% service charge of the room rate. If you are happy with your stay and service, feel free to leave a tip in an envelope and hand it to a member of the staff at front desk.

On the yacht

The crewmembers do not participate in the 10% service charge of the room rate. Tipping the ship’s crew is customary, but it should reflect your personal level of satisfaction. If you are happy with the service on board, feel free to leave a tip in an envelope and hand it to the captain. Tips are split evenly among the crewmembers.


If you are happy with their service, please tip them directly.

Reservation of additional activities* in advance

When booking a package, it is highly advisable to reserve your optional additional activities either at the same time or as soon as possible thereafter.

Activities in the Galapagos National Park such as day boat trips, diving trips and other excursions can fill up well in advance for high season.

Scuba diving tours

Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) recognizes that its guests may wish to take part in these optional tours and excursions while staying at Pikaia Lodge (There are local companies that offer these services in the Galapagos Islands).

The Pikaia Lodge does not provide this service directly as part of our packages, however, the lodge is able to provide information and/or assist in booking such tours with trusted third party companies.

If you have booked a separate excursion on your own account, kindly inform the reservations department of the details.

Any guest arranging external excursions not provided by Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) in the Galapagos Islands fully acknowledges that they are doing so freely and at their own risk. Pikaia Lodge will not be held accountable or responsible for any injury, loss, damage, illness, accident, expense or any other claim arising from the involvement of third party services, activities or excursions.

Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) will not be subject to refunds for services provided by their chosen external activity.

* Additional activities are subject to availability.

Payment Methods

Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.) accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

You may also find it convenient to wire your payment to Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.). When sending us a wire transfer, please include:

  • Full name of each member of the party under which you made your reservation.
  • Dates of your arrival at Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S.A.).
  • Additionally, kindly advise us of the date and amount of the wire transfer.

Fees charged by your bank for wiring a money transfer must be paid to your bank and should not be deducted from your invoice.


By payment made and received, the guest acknowledges and accepts all the Terms and Conditions.

Confirmation of your reservations

Upon confirmation of your payment, Pikaia Lodge (Galapacific S. A.) will send you a booking confirmation with the reservation details via e-mail. Additionally, guests will receive important pre-trip information designed to prepare you for your visit to the Galapagos Islands, including visas, clothing, equipment and any other relevant information.

** The guest Information form, which includes passports, flight information and dietary restrictions must be completed by all guests and returned to Pikaia Lodge **