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Our Exploration Packages are designed for adventure, variety and comfort, allowing guests to explore the natural wonders of the Galapagos archipelago in a new land-based way.

We offer guided day adventures that cover the distinct landscapes and marine wildlife of the islands, under fixed three-, four- or seven-night programs. Our location on the central island of Santa Cruz allows easy access to some of the best National Park's visitor sites on our private yacht PIKAIA I, and our hotel-yacht day cruise combinations offer guests a spectacular way to experience the Galapagos regardless of their length of stay.

The National Park regulations require every vessel in the Galapagos to have an approved fixed-week itinerary, and as our explorations packages are combined with programmed yacht sailings, we have set arrival dates: Mondays for our 4- and 7-night packages, and Fridays for our 3-night packages.

Weekly arrival and departure chart

Exploration Packages